All About Toadstock

Toad Frohman at Toadstock

Toadstock is a 3-day music festival held each Labor Day weekend in Alliance Nebraska. We feature several different varieties of music and pride ourselves on bringing new artists to the Alliance area. We also feature our most popular local artists, which are always crowd pleasers. Whether your style is country, hard rock, or somewhere in-between, we've got something you'll like. Food, beer and softdrinks are sold at Toadstock. IDs are checked at the gate, and all minors are given wristbands that are easily distinguished by our security staff.

Toadstock Beginnings

Toadstock Events started in September 2004. It started with a conversation between Toad Frohman and Herschell Rice at the Comstock Windmill Festival. Toad asked Herschell "Why can't we do something like this in the western end of the state where we live?" Herschell commented "It would take a lot of work"... and it did! With the help of Toad's family and friends, he successfully completed what he set out to do - produce a 3-day Labor Day Event for families to gather, have fun, and listen to great music. The stage was built by pulling two semi trailers side by side, musicians were hired, and Toadstock was born!

Growing Pains

Encouraged by the success of Toadstock 2004, Toad and his family continued to improve the Toadstock Venue. Many features have been added since 2005, such as a permanant amphitheater, permanant out-houses, and lots of space to camp and just have fun. Toad's son-in-law, Chuck Hamm, who owns a steel construction business, C&J Steel Erectors, built the new amphitheater. The Toadstock Amphitheater is now an 800 square foot covered structure, complete with a sophisticated sound system and lighting equipment - we've come a long way from 2 semis in a field!

Sadly, Toad passed away in 2011. But Toadstock will live on in his memory. Toad's daughter Rhonda and her husband Chuck Hamm are now the owners and operators of Toadstock Events.